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The Top 7 Benefits of Having One Dentist for the Entire Family

Jun 07, 2022
A beautiful smile is one of the first features people notice upon meeting face to face. For families, it’s especially critical to ensure regular dental visits to help foster good oral care habits in children.

A beautiful smile is one of the first features people notice upon meeting face to face. For families, it’s especially critical to ensure regular dental visits to help foster good oral care habits in children. However, it can be confusing when choosing the right type of dentist for your family. According to WebMD, there are pediatric dentists, family dentists, and various other specialties that concern corrective and cosmetic dentistry. One excellent option is to choose the same dentist for your whole family. There are many significant advantages to searching for a family dentist in Scottsdale for regular care of those healthy smiles.

Benefits of a Family Dentist

1. More Comprehensive Treatment Options

When you select a dentist specializing in one area, they may not be able to provide care for every need. It’s inconvenient locating and setting up appointments with another provider for services outside your dentist’s expertise. However, a family dentist typically offers a more significant number of services to accommodate patients of all ages. With a wide range of knowledge and experience, a family dentist can effectively help patients with various issues.

2. A Lasting Relationship

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know your provider personally instead of feeling like a stranger every appointment? When you select a family dentist in Scottdale, you’ll see a familiar face each visit. After several visits, you’ll begin to build a relationship with a professional that understands your family’s needs. This regular interaction with the same provider helps children feel more comfortable during check-ups. Knowing your dentist is one way to reduce anxiety; for more ideas, see 8 Ways To Overcome Anxiety At Your Next Dental Appointment. Another benefit to a lasting relationship is that a family dentist becomes well versed in your family’s medical history. A provider can offer better preventative action with a more well-rounded knowledge of your family’s oral health issues.

3. Family Dentists in Scottsdale Offer Convenience

Some parents must juggle both appointments for their children’s pediatric dentist and their own. With multiple dentists per family, scheduling can be very challenging. Unfortunately, this hectic situation can lead to parents scheduling fewer dental check-ups and cleanings. Family Dentists remove the confusion and place everyone under the same professional for oral care. Not only does a family dentist simplify scheduling, but you also won’t need another provider once children have outgrown the pediatric dentist.

4. Customized to Your Family

A family dentist gets the opportunity to see the healthy smile potential of your spouse, you, and your children. With comprehensive and customized care plans for each family member, smiles can brighten, and healthy gums prevail. Since family dentists are familiar with many treatment options, you can rest assured of their services and care. It’s also great for parents to discuss their oral care and their children’s during the same visit. Imagine, while getting your teeth cleaned, you could also get some advice for improving your child’s oral hygiene habits. For more information about oral care benefits, check out 7 Ways a Smile Makeover Can Improve Your Health and Happiness.

5. Hours are Flexible

Typically, a family dentist can be more accommodating to your schedule than other providers. Once you’ve established a relationship with your family dentist, they may be able to set up appointments during off-hours. After all, healthy teeth and gums are worth shifting around regular operation hours for busy and overworked parents. Once you find a family dentist in Scottsdale, explain your scheduling concerns, and they can offer a suitable solution. Many low-cost dentists work with families every day to help prevent poor oral health.

6. Education and Advice

Family dentists are a great ally in preventing oral issues such as gum disease and cavities. While the internet provides a wealth of knowledge and advice, nothing beats a professional in-person oral exam. Your family dentist can help guide you and your family with customized tools, tips, and progress information. A qualified family provider can pick up on areas your family may be struggling with, such as flossing, brushing times, etc. Rather than look to the world wide web for oral care information, a family dentist is an invaluable source for achieving better smiles.

7. Accountability

It’s not uncommon for families to get lazy about routine oral hygiene. However, one motivating factor for a continued smile improvement is regular family dentist check-ups. Your provider won’t be shy about letting you know if anyone in the family isn’t taking regular oral care seriously. Whether it’s cavities forming, plague, or bleeding gums, a family dentist knows when patients aren’t following proper care. The goal is a healthy smile, and your provider will work hard to encourage better habits for future improvement. Think of a family dentist as a concerned friend whose just looking to help enhance your health. For more information on healthy smiles; see How to Prevent Gum Disease: 7 Tips for Good Oral Health.