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Our Philosophy

Our Dental Philosophy

Our Dental Philosophy 1

Our Dental Philosophy 2

Trusted Quality

Our patients deserve the best dental care. We use the highest rated materials and the most effective techniques to ensure that the work we deliver remains comfortable and beautiful for years to come. We stand behind our work and guarantee its longevity for all of our active patients.

Comfortable Environment

A visit to the dental office can be stressful. This is why patient comfort is our top priority. We provide warm blankets, warm towels, and refreshments. Want to watch Netflix or listen to Pandora during your treatment? No problem. For patients who have anxiety, we offer various relaxation and sedation options to put them at ease. We go the extra mile so you can feel safe and happy with your dental visit. 

Modern Technology

Modern Technology

Our modern equipment, including digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, and 3D scanning and printing, allow us to deliver better accuracy, comfort, and results. No more gooey trays or temporary crowns that break or fall off. You can even keep track of information on our online portal, sign forms on our iPads, and receive text message appointment reminders.

Patient Conveniences

Everyone is busy and cannot always take time off during the week to receive dental care. This is why we offer early morning & Saturday appointments to accommodate busy family and work schedules. We also have ample parking at a central location that is easy to find.

Patient Education

All patients should make an informed decision regarding their own oral care. We take time to educate our patients with 3D models, animations, and videos, so they understand their treatment options and the current condition of their mouth. Together with patients, we discuss long-term goals and help design a path to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile they have always wanted.