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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost Your Confidence

Aug 27, 2018
If you have chipped, discolored, badly damaged, or missing teeth, smiling with confidence definitely won’t be easy. In fact, there are a lot of things that are guaranteed to be more challenging when you lack a healthy and complete smile.

If you have chipped, discolored, badly damaged, or missing teeth, smiling with confidence definitely won’t be easy. In fact, there are a lot of things that are guaranteed to be more challenging when you lack a healthy and complete smile. From chewing your food properly to enunciating clearly, you’ll find that missing and poorly functioning teeth can have an incredibly negative impact on your overall life quality. They can also diminish your self-confidence. The good news is that there’s currently a vast range of cosmetic dental procedures that can totally restore your smile. With the right treatments, you can proudly show off your teeth. More importantly, you can rest assured that you’re always making the best possible impressions on everyone you meet. Following are several important ways in which cosmetic dentistry can give your confidence a tremendous boost.

Stop Trying To Hide Your Teeth When Talking To Others

When teeth discolor, decay, or have fallen out, speaking with others can be totally disarming. You might find yourself spending the majority of these conversations attempting to cover your smile with your hand. You may also try to limit the width of your smile to not reveal the damaged areas. This can make it hard to truly relax and open up to others in social settings. It can also prevent you from being positive, proactive and outgoing in professional environments. Working with a family dentist will allow you to establish a feasible and multi-pronged treatment plan.

Take Better Pictures

Incomplete smiles make people insecure when talking to others. They can also make the prospect of taking pictures seem downright nightmarish. No one wants to smile their brightest for the camera when the goal is to create a permanent, visual record of their aesthetic, dental issues. Once you’ve had your smile brightened and your missing teeth replaced, you’ll love posing for portraits and taking casual snaps for your social media pages. Investing in the affordable dental care will help you dramatically improve your self-image. It will also make you infinitely more photogenic.

Eliminate Gaps, Chips, Discoloration, And Other Aesthetic Damages

The list of options in cosmetic treatment is extensive. Dental bridges and implants are frequently used to create complete and beautifully balanced smiles. Specifically, pulled or fallen out teeth. At Trinity Dental Care, we additionally offer full and partial dentures for those in need of a totally fresh start.

Dental caps, crowns and veneers can be applied in instances in which the teeth crack, fracture, chip, or misshapen. Advanced bonding solutions provide an alternative solution as well. These treatments can have a permanent, brightening effect with entirely natural-looking results. For those with severe discoloration and a reticence to make any significant, structural alterations to their teeth, advanced whitening procedures can be performed in-office to lift away wine, coffee and tobacco stains. The options in teeth whitening dentists provide are significantly more effective than any store-bought brightening solution.

It’s important to note that treatments like these don’t just make the teeth whiter. They also make patients look and feel significantly younger as well. This same is also true of both dental implants and dental bridges. Using these prosthetics to permanently replace missing teeth can restore lost volume at the mid-face. This is a great way to diminish the appearance of deep creases along the nasolabial folds and loose, sagging skin at the jawline.

Limit The Likelihood Of Additional Tooth Loss With Dental Implants And Bridges

Cosmetic tooth replacement procedures provide a variety of both functional and aesthetic benefits. This is largely due to the fact that untreated tooth loss is always a progressive issue. If you’re missing one or more front teeth or one or more molars, all of the teeth that surround the area of loss are going to have to work harder. This extra work creates additional wear and tear that ultimately shortens the lifespans of these structures. As chips and stress fractures develop, bacteria can enter the remaining, natural teeth to cause infection, decay and further tooth loss.

Dental bridges and dental implants are designed to seamlessly complete the smile after extractions and tooth loss have occurred. Once these structures are in place, bite forces will be balanced. Additionally, none of your teeth will be required to take on more work than they were meant to do. Best of all, you’ll be able to chew all of your favorite hard, tough and crunchy foods thoroughly. You’ll also speak clearly and feel completely confident when showing off your smile.

Protect Your Smile And Eliminate Unpleasant Mouth Odors

By working with a cosmetic dentist, clients can improve their looks and set the stage for excellent dental health overall. Every truly effective, cosmetic dental procedure starts with a healthy foundation. Before installing implants, bridges, caps, veneers or any other prosthetic tooth or tooth covering, your provider will make sure that the surrounding teeth, gums, and underlying bones are in optimum condition. For instance, your dentist might recommend root scaling and planing. This is to clear out trapped food and debris that’s causing problems like gingivitis or advanced gum disease.

In instances in which the gums have noticeably receded, treatments such as the pinhole surgical technique can be used to cover the exposed dentin and to prevent tooth decay. There are even times when severe decay makes it necessary for dentists to perform restorative, bone grafting procedures in order to create stable foundations for dental implants. In each of these cases, patients can look forward to less discomfort, better chewing and talking abilities, a lower likelihood of mouth infections, fresher breath, and healthier smiles overall. There’s simply no way that you won’t feel confident when showing off your smile when your teeth both look and feel their very best.

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