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6 Surprising Causes Of Tooth Damage

Aug 12, 2021
Why Tooth Damage Should Alarm You Tooth damage may result in fatal diseases such as Heart disease and diabetes. When left untreated, the bacteria will accumulate and enter your blood vessels.

Why Tooth Damage Should Alarm You

Tooth damage may result in fatal diseases such as Heart disease and diabetes. When left untreated, the bacteria will accumulate and enter your blood vessels.

The mouth is a vital organ of the body. It is the entry-level of nutrients into your body; hence, it needs extensive care. It may start from a simple bad breath to cavities, and finally, your tooth is no longer functioning. The following factors will lead to tooth damage.

Over-Eating Disorder

Anorexia, binge-eating, and bulimia are eating disorders that will affect your teeth. Often, they are caused by physical, emotional, and social factors. You might also find it impossible to treat them. These disorders will cause a swell on saliva glands which will lead to a dry mouth. If the individual regularly throws up, then there will be an acidic reaction on the teeth.

You may also notice sensitivity when consuming hot or cold food. Reach out for medical support to overcome the eating disorder. As you work on your disorder, also opt to visit dental services in Scottsdale.

Too much alcohol

Alcohol will also affect your saliva production, leading to a dry mouth. When there is less saliva in your mouth, plaque will build up, causing an accumulation of bacteria, and eventually, tooth decay. Beer has an acidic feature that slowly erodes your teeth if you drink excessively. Not to mention, chewing ice will also heighten the sensitivity of your teeth.

If you are an occasioned drinker, regulate your drinking habits. Alcohol with high tannin content, such as red wine, will also stain your teeth. A lot of it will even change your teeth’s appearance. Although cosmetic dentistry may fix that, opt to drink your beverage with a straw. Higher consumption of alcohol is more likely to cause permanent tooth damage.


Your family genes determine the enamel structure and teeth alignment. Not only do they affect the strength of your teeth but also your gums. Some oral conditions are hereditary. This means that it may not be your fault that you have a teeth problem. So, inform your doctor about your family medical history. The dentist will understand the genetic implications and offer assistance depending on the problem.

You should also maintain good dental habits. Regardless of the family history, good habits will give you positive results.


As you age, the nerves in the teeth get smaller. Your teeth will become less sturdy than in your youthful days, and activities such as chewing sugarcane will seem an impossible task. The doctors will even recommend you stay away from high-sugar foods. Yet, as you age, you need highly nutritious food for your body. In short, your teeth need to be working efficiently.

Habits such as smoking and overconsumption of alcohol are prohibited as you age since the immune system gets weaker with age. Ensure to maintain good dental routines. Regular checkups will also keep track of your dental health. Well, if you have a family dentist, the better for you. They will advise you on how to stay healthy during that sensitive stage. After all, they have been with you for a long time.

Wrong Fillings

You may need to get a dental filling for several reasons at certain stages of your life. However, if wrongly put, it may affect your teeth. It would help if you also changed the fillings regularly. Yet, if you grind your teeth much harder, you may also damage the fillings. Worse is that a loose filling will result in tooth damage. You may also experience pain while chewing. This is why you should opt for a professional Dentist in Scottsdale, AZ, to take care of your teeth.

Excessive Tobacco

A prolonged smoker is more likely to get gum disease. Tobacco contains nicotine and tar, which also damage the teeth. These substances become trapped in the pores of the enamel leading to discoloration. Often, the teeth turn to a brownish-yellowish color.

Chewing tobacco is not safe either. It will lead to cavities. Generally, too much of it will also affect your sense of taste and smell. You may also experience bad breath and suffer from gum disease. Worse is that you may be at risk of oral cancer.

Regulate your smoking patterns. If possible, try to quit. Consult a counselor to help you cease the habit. As you do that, get a low-cost dentist to boost your dental health.

You Need Consistent Maintenance to Avoid Tooth Damage

You do not have to wait for negative signs to go to a dentist. Tooth damage may even result in loss of confidence. Smiling, talking, and even laughing in public will be a problem. Ensure you constantly take care of your teeth. If it is brushing, ensure you do it at least twice a day. When faced with an inquiry, do not hesitate to reach out to dental services in Scottsdale AZ. A problem shared is half solved. After all, you are not the only one who will enjoy the results.