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5 Important Reasons to get Teeth Whitening from a Dentist

Sep 06, 2018
Teeth discoloration is one of the biggest problems which affect teeth and ruin the self-esteem of Americans of all ages. Discolored teeth make it close to impossible to smile or even talk comfortably in public.

Teeth discoloration is one of the biggest problems which affect teeth and ruin the self-esteem of Americans of all ages. Discolored teeth make it close to impossible to smile or even talk comfortably in public. Stained teeth also create a stigma. The good news is that it is possible to rectify teeth staining and get a beautiful and flawless smile back, as long as you know the proper methods to follow to achieve this. Overall, Teeth Whitening from a dentist is your best option.

Causes of tooth discoloration

There are a number of oral and dental habits that can lead to stained and discolored teeth. Some of the most common causes include:

· Foods and beverages: foods and drinks such as colas, coffee, wine and also vegetables such as apples and potatoes can stain your teeth. Research has shown that people who drink more than four cups of dark coffee on a daily basis will end up with teeth that are more discolored than those who do not.

· Tobacco use: Cigarette smoking produces tar. With time, this substance coats the teeth and creates a yellowish and at times brownish film all over the teeth.

· Poor dental hygiene: this is perhaps the underlying cause of all the teeth staining and discoloration problems. Not brushing teeth after meals leads to the buildup of plaque, which is one of the main reasons why teeth turn yellowish. People with poor dental hygiene also rarely floss their teeth, which leads to yellowing and browning between the teeth.

· Taking certain medications: there are certain medications which have been found to cause teeth discoloration. Antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline have been known to cause teeth yellowing. There are also some mouthwashes which cause teeth staining over time.

· Age and genetics: For some, there are people who are genetically predisposed to have teeth that are prone to staining. As people grow older, their teeth are more likely to become discolored.

There are also other environmental factors like the presence of excessive fluoride which can lead to teeth staining. It is important to understand what caused teeth staining in the first place. If you do not address the cause, you will be back with the same problem a few months after whitening.

Tooth whitening with a dentist

It is always advisable to have your teeth whitened at a dentist’s office. The first step of the process is putting a rubber shield or gel on your gums. This is to protect them from the whitening agents. Your Dentist will apply a whitening agent to your teeth. The active ingredient in most whiteners is hydrogen peroxide. The treatment might take anywhere between a week to two. This is dependent on the extent of the staining and how well you follow the regime.

1. Immediate results

One of the main reasons why people prefer to have their teeth whitened by a dentist as opposed to using one of the many DIY options which are available in the market is that they get immediate results. For instance, when you choose laser teeth whitening, you practically walk into the dental office with stained teeth and walk out with clear white teeth. The dentist assesses the degree of staining and decides the most appropriate whitening solution to suit your needs.

2. Results are better

Most of the DIY teeth whitening methods rarely deliver the number of results which they are meant to deliver. The dentists have access to strong whitening agents which are more effective in whitening the teeth than the drugs which are sold over the counter. The peroxide solutions which are sold over the counter contain about 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Most of the ones found in a dental office can have as much as 35 percent concentration.

3. Best for deep stains

There are stains that go deeper than just the surface of the tooth. Store-bought whiteners do not have the potency for deep cleaning. If you have been trying the store-bought whiteners and haven’t achieved any significant results, you need to think about getting to a dentist. They have access to whiteners that go deeper than the surface and can deal with the toughest of stains.

4. Safer and more effective application

When you buy your own teeth whitening regimens and apply them at home, you risk getting some of it onto your gums, which can lead to injuries and excessive sensitivity. Another risk which comes with DIY is using more of the whitener than your teeth need, which can also lead to teeth sensitivity.

5. Maintenance tips and guidance

Not many people think beyond the bright and beautiful smile which they will get after the whitening procedure. In most cases, therefore, teeth whitening becomes a cycle whereby the person whitens their teeth, goes back to the same old behaviors that caused the stains and then ends up with new stains and discoloration, leading to the need for a new round of teeth whitening. The regular and excessive use of the whitening products eventually leads to excessive tooth sensitivity. When you allow a professional to handle your whitening needs, you get important dental hygiene tips which keep your teeth clean for a long time.

It is, therefore, best to consult a dentist for all your teeth whitening needs. With a competent dentist on your side, getting the smile of your dreams will become a reality in no time.

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