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COVID-19 Update

We’ve Been Working Hard to Keep You Safe

We’ve Been Working Hard to Keep You Safe

Patient screenings, face masks, increased PPE, frequent disinfecting, social distancing: we’ve been following CDC recommendations with fidelity.

We’ve made a lot of positive changes to our safety protocols, but perhaps the most important improvement we’ve made is how we handle aerosols during your procedures.

As you know, COVID-19 and other viral agents can be transmitted through microscopic air-born particles called aerosols. Our clinic is now equipped to reduce aerosols by over 90% throughout every dental procedure. By using technology like our VacuLUX HVE Adapter, we can place high-volume suction inside your mouth, surrounding our work area to continuously remove aerosols at the source.

Our top priority is always your health, safety, and well-being. The choices we make to keep you safe are research-based and with your best interests at heart.

– Trinity Dental Care Team

The VacuLUX HVE Adapter for high-performance isolation.

The VacuLUX HVE Adapter

Reduce aerosols and spatter hands-free by placing continuous, high-volume suction in the mouth where they originate. Minimize the creation of and exposure to aerosols for when you have to work by yourself.

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