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Damaged or Displaced Tooth Repair

Damaged or Displaced Tooth Repair

Broken, Fractured or Dislodged Tooth?

A tooth can become broken, fractured or dislodged as the result of a fall or traumatic injury. This is not a reason for alarm as long as you act quickly.

You should always rinse the mouth to remove any blood or debris. You can place a compress or cold cloth near the injury to reduce pain & swelling.

If the tooth is dislodged, try to put it back into the socket & see a dentist as soon as possible. If this is not possible, you should protect the tooth by placing it in a container of milk, saline or even saliva. You should only handle the tooth by the crown to avoid causing further damage.

How To Alleviate The Pain

If the tooth is only fractured, rinse the mouth to remove any blood or debris & apply a cold compress near the area. You can also use ibuprofen to alleviate the pain & swelling. If the pulp of the tooth is not severely damaged, it can usually be sanded or restored.

If you have a child with a loose primary tooth, you should encourage them to bite down on a piece of soft caramel or apple. Often times, this will help gently dislodge the tooth from the gum.