Preventive Dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ

Do you need preventive dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ? Look no further than the experts at Trinity Dental care. Schedule your appointment today and see what a difference our preventative dental care procedures can make for your smile!

preventive dentistry scottsdale az

What is the Goal of Preventive Dentistry?

The best way to promote the long-term health of your teeth is to practice proper preventive dentistry. With preventive dentistry, the goal is to prevent serious dental problems before they occur, such as gum disease, health issues, and tooth decay. At Trinity Dental Care, we serve as the hub of Scottsdale’s community’s oral health.

One aspect of preventive dentistry is having a dentist take proper care of your teeth. We encourage you to schedule regular dental cleanings, and we also offer fluoride treatments and sealants that will protect your teeth from tartar, plaque, and decay. We also offer full X-ray services that allow us to detect potential tooth problems well in advance and prescribe the proper preventive measures.

We also help our patients understand the basic principles of preventive dentistry so they can continue to protect their teeth between visits. Simple habits like brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing properly can help you avoid costly dental visits down the road.

As time goes by, it’s also becoming increasingly obvious that nutrition plays an incredibly important role in long-term dental health. Our expert team provides information during every visit that helps our patients make the right nutritional choices to protect their teeth while promoting overall health and well-being.

Our Latest Patient Testimonials

5 star reviews trinity dental care

I came into Trinity for the first time today and my experience was amazing! Everyone was really kind towards me and I felt very cared for. I have always been scared to go to the dentist because my teeth are sensitive, but everyone was gentle and considerate of me. The place is so clean and super cute. I love looking up while I am getting my teeth done because I can see the screen of clouds and trees. It helps me take my mind off of my mouth. Overall, it is a great place and I will keep coming. – Alisha M.

I’m in my 30’s and have been to plenty of dentists in at least 3 different countries and 4 states. Dr. Wynn and her team are the most detail oriented by far. They will inform you of a procedure before it is performed. They even show you the clinic to educate you regarding their facility hygiene procedures. Would leave 6 stars if I could–just glad I’ve found a new dentist in AZ. – Pai

Overall service was exceptional, transparent, and informative from the front desk to the hygienist to Dr. Wynn. The clinic is modern, clean, organized, and very pleasant to be in. My wife will be switching to Trinity Dental Care as well. – Ammar

Preventive Dentistry Services

Teeth Cleaning

Even if your smile is in perfect health, it’s important to have your teeth professionally cleaned at regular intervals.

Oral Cancer Screening

Like most cancers, cancer of the lip and oral cavity is best treated when found early 

Laser Periodontal Therapy

We use the latest advancements in dental laser technology to provide space-age teeth whitening and other laser-related dental services.

Additional Dental Care Services