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Teeth whitening is often necessary in a world where a broad range of products can stain or decompose the enamel of your teeth. We can use a wide range of treatments depending on the severity of your issue. Professional services are much more effective than products that are sold over the counter, and they give you a better chance of getting the results you are seeking.

In many cases, teeth whitening can eliminate tooth discoloration after only one appointment. Although your dentist is likely to recommend that you continue to come in for additional appointments, the bottom line is that results can be achieved quickly if you take action to schedule an appointment.

More severe cases may call for more extensive solutions. If your teeth are beyond repair, you could consider using porcelain veneers to resolve discoloration. Veneers add a white material to the outside of your teeth. Having veneers put in does not necessitate pulling out your teeth. Therefore, you can enjoy a healthy and natural smile while looking your best.

How Can I Make My Teeth Whiter?

There are many ways to make your smile whiter. Common treatments for discolored teeth include chemical tooth whitening and long-term use of prescription whiteners. In more severe cases, you may need to consider implants or veneers. Be sure to choose a solution that matches your needs when receiving tooth whitening services.

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What is GLO Professional Teeth Whitening?

teeth whitening scottsdale azGLO Professional Whitening features a universally-sized mouthpiece that combines optimal warming heat and safe LED light to accelerate specially formulated 30% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. Patients get lasting results without dehydration, rebound or zingers. Clinicians get an effective, hassle free procedure in less time and without the need for impressions or trays. Also available in 24% HP for younger patients and those prone to sensitivity.

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